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More Tools For Healing!

When I started getting inspiration to write a book about childhood sexual abuse, I didn’t know I’d be creating a healing new genre—I call it “fairapy.” As those of you who have read my book know, it’s a style that weaves therapeutic tips for healing into a fairytale.

One thing I’ve learned is that when we remain open to receiving inspiration and ideas, and when we follow the quiet whispers and nudges from within, we can tap into a strong current of creativity. And by doing so, we help heal ourselves and others. It’s a magical process really.

This is how I’ve felt about my book, “An Elf’s Journey: Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse,” which is a #1 Amazon bestseller. (I am so grateful for your support!) People tell me the fairytale backdrop makes the challenging topic of abuse gentler and more approachable. I know that for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, the idea of serious reading and thinking about recovery to sort of trauma can be overwhelming. At times it can even trigger the trauma.

So I wrote the book to share a gentle method that helps people tap into the energy of their ordeal and transform the pain on a subconscious level. My wish is that this book will be a soulful friend that validates the confusion and chaos of tragedy and then opens doors to inner understanding, self-empathy, deep healing and the possibility of creating a new way to live.

It’s interesting because as I have moved forward with my book, my work around it continually evolves. My intention is to remain open as my purpose with this grows and expands. That’s why I’m offering more tools for healing, including a free private support group, a Facebook page and soon—webinars.

I have a desire deep in my heart to help people heal, to raise awareness around abuse and to build a positive, supportive community that includes survivors, supporters, therapists and healers. One in four females and one in six males have been abused, statistics show, although therapists say the numbers are higher than what’s reported. Let’s join together to shift this situation. I invite you to spread the word and to choose the tools that fit your needs best.

Here are the ways you can connect into my growing community and resources:

  • My Facebook page, “Healing Sexual Abuse for Your Inner Child” at

  • A free private support group for survivors/thrivers and supporters. This Facebook group is at

  • The book, “An Elf’s Journey: Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse,” available online, in bookstores, through Ingram Distribution and at

  • Subscribe to my newsletter at for notice about upcoming events, including webinars.

Remember to ask yourself, what inspiration and inner whisperings can you honor in your life? What can you create that brings beauty and healing to your life? When you fully express you, it’s a great gift to the world.

Expansive gratitude,


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