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These are people, services and products that I suggest. Follow what rings true for you.


Earthing Indoors


I find that the Earth’s natural energy is essential for vibrant health and reducing inflammation. When I cannot be outside, I benefit from Earthing products. I am so excited about them that I became an affiliate. You can learn about the easy-to-use products and shop through my link. What I learned, is that they are plugged into the grounding connection on an electrical outlet, which simply connects to the earth to ground. There is not an electrical current that comes through, and there is a safety plug included. The directions are easy to follow.


The Earthing Movie (Free Viewing)

The Remarkable Science of Grounding" is directed by Sundance Award-Winning filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell (The Big Fix, FUEL, etc). This is a feature-length documentary based on their viral short film entitled 'Down To Earth,' that reveals the scientific phenomenon of how we can heal our bodies by doing the simplest thing that a person can do…standing barefoot on the earth.

Healing from Abuse
An Elf's Journey Abuse and trauma author


Svava Brooks is a survivor of child sexual abuse and the co-founder of a nationwide child sexual abuse prevention and education organization in Iceland. She is also a certified instructor and facilitator for Darkness to Light Stewards of Children, as well as a certified Crisis Intervention Specialist, a certified Parent Educator, a BellaNet Teen support group facilitator, and an Abuse Survivor Coach.

An Elf's Journey Abuse and trauma author

Rachel Grant


is a Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach. She is also the author of Beyond Surviving: The Final Stage in Recovery from Sexual Abuse. She brings a passionate belief that her clients do not have to remain trapped or confronted daily by the thoughts or behaviors that result from abuse. Through her own journey of recovery from sexual abuse, she has gained  understanding about what it takes to overcome abuse.

An Elf's Journey Abuse and trauma author

Her Future Coalition - Sarah Symons Founder and Executive Director

Her Future Coalition was founded by Sarah Symons and John Berger in 2005.They are married and together have built Her Future Coalition from the ground up, using their life savings. They built the organization with the help of a dedicated team. Today they operate programs serving hundreds of survivors in India, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand. Most exciting is the fact that the survivors who joined our programs a few years ago are now managing the programs, traveling as trainers and mentors to newly rescued girls. Now their dreams are limitless! Explore opportunities to support survivors.

Matt Pappas- Surviving My Past


Matt Pappas is a Blogger, Podcast, Author, and Advocate for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, Narcissistic Abuse, and Bullying. He is also a survivor himself. His blog,, supports all who have survived the trauma of abuse. It was created to be a safe place to share, encourage,and inspire all survivors to know that they are never alone in their recovery journey.  Matt will be launching his Life Coaching business in late 2017, to work with survivors and all who are held back by their past. 

An Elf's Journey Abuse and trauma author

Peter A. Levine PhD

Peter A. Levine PhD is an expert in healing from abuse. In this video he shares an activity that helps heal the wounds of sexual abuse. This video is called "Healing the Sacred Wound".


Songs for Survivors


This song is for those who have been wounded sexually--so heartfelt and touching! The song is titled: "Why does Daddy HURT Me? "If Her Tears Were Stars""

Joy of Movement for Healing



Nia is a sensory-based movement practice and lifestyle that leads to health, wellness and fitness. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Meditation & Music

Anna Maria Casper

Reiki Master/Teacher Certified Lifeline Practitioner Meditation CD and music download


Breathing Magic Into Forgiveness

Find Your Personal Freedom in... "Breathing Magic Into Forgiveness" beautifully guided by AnnaMarie Casper. Music by Barry Goldstein. CD available with Katia at The Healing Place or download online through cd baby.


Breathe A Little Magic


Conscious music at its best, Breathe A Little Magic is a contagious BALM for your HEART and MIND, soothes your SOUL, and will get you dancing into at-one-ment! By Shawn Gallaway. Inspired by Anna Casper. Now available at CD Baby

Increase Pleasure ~ Ladies

Saida Desilets, Ph.D. of The Desilets Method

Author of The Emergence of the Sensual Woman. She is sought out world-wide for her expertise in the field of conscious sexual energy cultivation. She brings an innovative approach to the ancient wisdom of Taoist energy practices in a fun, simple, and practical method.

Wellness Activator in Arizona

Rev.Dale Hallen

The Center of Hope Tucson Wellness Activator Reiki Master / Teacher Pendulum Dowsing

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