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My Daddy was a Printer and he took so much pride in his work!

Many of you know that my dad passed away suddenly, 2 weeks ago. I am so grateful for the condolences, care, and sentiment I am being showered with! He was 89, and ready for his next journey. The room lit up with the sun, the second he made his transition. I want to share with you, how grateful I am for my father, “Will-I- am.” He taught me to be pragmatic, logical, resourceful, and self-sufficient. Best of all, he had been an example for playfulness. (Yes, I am still learning!) He also loved learning. For a very long time he had a great interest in exploring metaphysical wonders. We got to share in that connection for many years. I continued following that wonder when it seemed to go by the wayside for him. Although, I suspect he had been doing a lot of meditating in his late years. I am so glad that my brother enthusiastically follows the gifts of metaphysical mysteries. It’s reassuring to share that interest with my blood tribe.

I am embracing my dad’s wonderful traits and integrating them deeper at this magical transition

time. I sense the energy portal that is open, allowing me more awareness (and responsibility) for my choices. An exciting message that I did receive from my dad after he passed, is that he will watch over the printing process of my book. He was a Printer, by trade. When he was alive, he was closed to hearing about my past trauma by someone he knew well. So, I hadn’t told him about my book. He is understanding now that he has the bigger picture. I so appreciate his choice to assist. He always had a tremendously giving soul when he was clear about a purpose. How can he help give this healing book wings??! I am willing to receive with joy in all ways ; )

To all of you who are (even silently) holding space for me and my book, know that you make a

difference! The other night I was feeling almost overwhelmed with a sense of vulnerability. Perhaps it’s an uneasy feeling sensing that my mother could also leave soon or suffer more. Whatever it is, I am doing my best to surrender to trust life. I experience waves of a renewed sense of hope and strength. I appreciate all the energy and caring you share. I move ahead, staying alert and curious to the waves of grief, choosing the timing of my dance and the required stillness for my heart growth.

Heart Opening~

Thank you for the blessings to my heart and Being. Recently, I have been choosing to reverse the hunching of my upper back and shoulders-- something my dad did to an extreme. I invite the depths of my heart to rise up with the promise to blossom out of the heartbreak. Picture that cracked sidewalk or earth with the surprise of a flower rising from it. Showering gratitude and light to you, for your heart witnessing of my heart ReaCH...

My Book Update~

In the turn of these life events, the launch of my book is still coming. I will post when I know the birth date. It is hopeful that An Elf’s Journey… Healing childhood sexual abuse—will be published this month. Your positive vibes are greatly appreciated!

Would this be Fun for You?

If you would you feel inspired to help promote An Elf’s Journey, here are some ideas. I am deeply grateful for any consideration.

1. Subscribe to my site to read a chapter of An Elf’s Journey;

2. Share a promotion I may send you in the near future, with a survivor, therapist, or your email list;

3. Post my book to your social network platform the morning the book launches;

4. On launch date, buy the book, write a review on Amazon or Goodreads;

5. If you have a venue, or a desire to share, purchase any quantity from me at a special rate. I will be offering a free book when you buy 2!

6. Other ideas you have just thought of?

If you would like to play in supporting this project, please let me know which action you are considering. I look forward to sending reminders with the help of Julia, my VA/Elf Helper!

In the anticipating dance of Springtime,

Katia Cooper

Author, Therapeutic Creatrix for Survivors, Reiki Master Teacher, Access Bars Practitioner, Nia Blue Belt Certified, EFT

Certified, Inspirational Survivor

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