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Just wanted to introduce myself

Just wanted to finally arrive and introduce myself! My name is Ria. I guess since I'm a bit shy, I wanted to begin by sharing a little impromptu poem about my thoughts as to where I am on my healing journey as a fellow adult survivor of sexual abuse:

Surprised by the tides

though I am now wise enough to know

they turn as they do.

Once wind-struck I stood

at the jagged cliff's edge

shouldering a raging sea

now in admiration inward I see

that though harm came

and battered in a siege...

It didn't hurt the sacred things

still sheltered deep inside of me

Sea-struck i can witness

the shimmering inward beauty

and calm the cresting waves

with self love sprinkled joyfully

Self worth the sacred time spent

protecting, and honoring,

until slowly learning the right sort of trust

to eventually surrender and....receive...

Ah the shimmering and prevalent calm

let it wash over,cleanse and relieve

I'll be here now and again to get involved in conversations. I've been deeply helped, honored and healed by Katia so it's a natural extension to begin to extend help while still coached by her! I'm honored to join in the conversation!

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