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Parts of You Exerpt 151

Do parts of you ever feel conflicted emotions that make you feel moody or out of sorts? Here’s a sample from the book, An Elf’s Journey… Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse, to calm that experience with a tenderly thoughtful plan.

*There were times when Elf’s parts demanded attention all at once,

and it overwhelmed her. When she reflected quietly, she realized that

she could not help all of her parts all of the time. Wanting them to know

that she would get to each of them when she could, first she gave them

gratitude for the important information they could provide. She then

asked her dear parts to please be patient with her and, subsequently,

felt calmness grow inside. They curled up with her and asked her to

call them “Elfie”. With a tear in her eye, she was moved to enter this

important letter in her own journal:

Letter to My Younger Elfie

My Dear, Dear Parts,

My desire is to remember

you and truly see the pure goodness

inside of you. I am sorry that you experienced

so much turmoil, shame, and pain in the

past. I want you to know the abuse is over

and not happening any more. My wish is to

acknowledge your suffering, tenderly comfort

your tension, and free you to enjoy a life of

awareness and pleasure. I respect all of your

feelings and invite you to release emotions

when you and I are ready.

I love you. I trust you. I forgive you. I care

deeply about you. Please let me know how I

can nourish you and assist your Self growth.

Between us there is nothing but love. I accept

and approve of you. I imagine you coming back

into wholeness.

I can now choose beings to support and

help me, when I need it. Grace fills my life and

creates a life I enjoy more and more. I take

time to care for you—my parts, by connecting

to my Wise Self. I choose to learn what is best

for me and nurture our growth.

Love Always,


*Exerpt from An Elf’s Journey , pages 151 & 152

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