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Time for Playing and Having Fun!!


Reclaim time for you, time for play! Play is necessary for restoring your energy and your outlook on life. If playtime was interfered with in any way as a child, you need to replace that pattern of carrying excess pressure with new practices that engage your creativity in exciting and healthy ways. When you are devoted to doing your healing work, you deserve time for sheer enjoyment, to rebalance and refuel. By choosing joy, you support your inner child by proving you deserve to have delight. If you are stuck with feeling depressed, play does not come easy. It can move you in a new direction of taking baby steps toward more joy. Play can help you reclaim your Inner Child/your Inner Spirit.

What brings you heart-singing pleasure?

Can you give yourself permission to create that time now, or put it on your calendar?

What are you planning on for fun this season?

Please share your small or big plans to experience more joy.

Is it a place, an activity, a person or group, a frame of mind or.....???

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