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Is the book, An Elf’s Journey, for Everyone?

An Elf’s Journey… Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse, isn't for everyone. It has been known to help resolve traumas outside a sexual nature though. Obviously, if you never overreact from any kind of hidden trauma, or don't know someone who does, you wouldn't have a need for this information. It’s a story that gracefully brings up trauma that lurks in the psyche. Incredible awareness comes for those who were abused before their communication and knowledge about sex was developed. It suggests transformation by reawakening creative choices from one’s subconscious mind. Even trauma unrelated to sex has been cleared by readers of this book.

And then there is trauma that was not identified as sexual abuse. For one woman, it arose from the subconscious of her Inner Child seeking protection from sneaky disrespectful peers. They took advantage of touching her br

easts when they thought she was asleep at a sleepover with girls she desperately wanted to trust. This book opened the door for her to resolve the embarrassment and barriers she still carried. Prior to that, she had no memory of the incident. Now she was able to free her Inner Child's fear, and nurture her with compassion.

Healing from trauma requires interaction from both sides of the brain. What better way to stimulate creativity than with the wonder of a fairy tale? If a reader is looking to dissolve the weakness that is perpetuated after abuse, this story generates curiosity for organic development of a greater potential for a survivor. Not only the survivor. Since statistics state that one out of every few people have experienced childhood abuse, how is that affecting all of us? How many of our interactions, especially misunderstandings, are affected by unresolved trauma?

Can we all be a part of changing the statistics? How much have stories influenced society? Curious? Ok, this book is not for everyone. It is only for curious minds. It is best to create the space that kindly nurtures you as you begin this adventure. Comfy place, relaxed, and at the right time for you. Call on support when it can benefit your well being. Why not bring comfort to the inner places that are in turmoil? It is possible. For adults, teens, therapists and all supporters of a survivor.

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