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Moving toward Emotional Freedom;)

Greetings, Brave Souls~

I know, I know, some of you do not yet recognize how brave your little child parts have been. They have! They have held sometimes excruciating energy, pain, confusion, loss, and more, and they helped you survive. We'll save that topic for another day. For right now, I invite you to take a quiet moment to sense if any emotion is up (or hidden) for you. Bring caring awareness to that place inside or that part of you. I invite you to tune into what quality is most needed for you.

And b r e a t h e FULL relaxing breaths of air Releasing any stress with your exhale.

Healing and Transformation

Let me share what I recently moved through~

A part of me had been bringing up pain~ of feeling enslaved to my mother, and guilt for recently choosing to take care of my needs, first. When she made sacrifices for me as a child, she gave the message that I owed her something. (This was a person that also lived in denial of abuse, and had no capacity to protect me, her young daughter.) An example of enslavement; my mom had repeatedly shamed me and gave the message that I was 'bad' for not helping~ many times without being asked. (I know we all had some absurd experiences.) Now, I found there was a part of me that needed to hold stiff and rigid energy to become what my mother wanted, to avoid her unfair judgement, and punishment.

I have moved through layers of this, to consciously live in more joy.


As my mother's health has been on a steep decline lately, I struggled to not be pulled down~ to over-care-take, which drains my energy. My work, play, self-care and heart connections nourish me and help my energy expand. I am retrieving the child inside that took on the role of a 'soldier' in sorts, to support and endure my mothers irrational demands, without regard to my needs. I send her healing, and detach- another degree.

The qualities of support I called forth are empathy, freedom, release, and celebration for the wonderful little girl in me, and her natural creativity! I granted her permission to be who she was meant to be~ carefree, willing to celebrate her worthiness and the beauty of life, as her spirituality. As I started to grant my inner child this, my chest and arms felt rigid and painful, making me aware of what had been stored. As I did bodywork, caring for my emotions and spirit, the tension moved and shifted for a few weeks, until it freed up completely. I had been conditioned to believe I did not have a right to freedom, if my mother was in pain. So, I held the intention to release this burden for my inner child, little by little. I have given her time to lie in the grass and move in nature the way she'd like. Then, I nurtured her with compassion:)

Post your comments about your growth or care for your inner child~

What qualities would you benefit from most, now? Can you start to generate them in your heart center? Know as you write/share what you need, others will be holding that intention for you, helping you move in that direction. Open up to receive. There is much compassion and healing energy for every one of you, now. Aho! (The Native America word for: So be it.)

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