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An Elf's Healing Story from Sexual Abuse

Becoming a book: An Elf's Journey is intended for the child-within teens and adults who were abused. Assistance is expecially recommended for pre-teens. A few adults who previewed it, appreciate how this story becomes part of their healing journey and guides them in their self-talk, now. It softens their burdens and helps them be gentler and kinder to themselves. When abuse occurs as children, a part of the child gets frozen in that time. As adults, they need to address the needs of child within to unburden them. That is how this creative "child story" taps directly into places many adults can't reach w/o this type of transforming inner-child work.

Teen Support~

If you are a therapist or support person for a teen survivor who would like to sample/ work with this book before it is published, contact me. In exchange, I am asking for feedback to improve the book for the best possible resource to heal from sexual abuse.

You can also contact me personally, if you or someone you know is interested in recieving notification of the published book.

An Elf's Journey

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