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An Elf's Journey

An Elf's Journey...

Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse


An Elf’s Journey is a tender story about an endearing elf who carried a heavy burden of shame that didn’t belong to her. Along the way, she explores enchanted ways to liberate her Self, rescue her inner child, and find peace. The journey takes her much further, pulling the readers into a mystical fairy tale, as they forget that they are reading. Click here to learn more about An Elf's Journey.

A Therapist's Endorsement

As I was falling asleep one night, thinking about the characters in An Elf’s Journey, I realized I had fallen in love with them. I had felt their shame when they spoke the truth and weren’t believed. My heart sang when they courageously stepped into their healing journey. Anyone who has experienced inappropriate touching will identify with the characters’ ongoing struggles with fear and trust issues, experience aha moments in their own healing journey, and begin to understand their family’s reactions to disclosure.

— Marilyn M. Hein, MA, LPC

Hearts Unfolding Counseling

 Oshkosh WI



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An Elf's Journey

Menopause Mavens

Master the Mystery of Menopause

I have shared my own story of repressed memories that arose with My Change and how it stirred some creative resolutions to fulfill my purpose. In 2015, I co-authored this anthology on a topic that is unique to every woman, yet rarely talked about. Let's face it—everybody is impacted by the "Change," and a special group of woman joined hands to compile the stories and secrets of our journeys. Take 25 dynamic women who want to tell their story—to be honest, emotional, as raw as they want—and look out world!


The Mavens open their hearts, share the truth of this unavoidable rite of passage, and turn the often-mysterious experience into a magical space.

An Elf's Journey

Grow your creativity and curiosity with  this podcast as I help you  build closer a relationship with your inner child.

What People Say

A must read for women at this stage...filled with wisdom

- Flora, Amazon




Matt's enthusiasm and genuine confidence as a host, is contagious! This podcast episode on Surviving My Past is for thriving Survivors who would love to lift their spirit. How can we create more fun in our lives?  

In this Beyond Surviving Podcast, Katia Cooper invites us to stop and recognize what you know on the inside, about the truest form of you. If you are willing to validate it on the outside, it can help you grow into your greatest potential. 

Inspiration for Survivors

Preview the Virtual Studio for Survivors...

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