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About Me

I have the honor to be a 5th generation Reiki Master/Teacher and intuitive guide for over 24 years. I use my intuition to help clients and students develop more awareness that stimulates their intuition, growth and healing. My education includes over 40 years of combined studies with Nancy Retzlaff as my Reiki Teacher, the Meditation Institute, Concept Therapy, A Course in Miracles, and The Light Body Course. I was also certified in Geotran (to transform energy fields), EFT Tapping, and as a Blue Belt Teacher in The Nia Technique--mindful movement for play and healing. I have 10 years of personal experience and practice with the therapy model, Internal Family Systems to re-integrate separated parts of ourself. I am certified in teaching Laughter Yoga, and as a Practitioner for a few Access Consciousness Body Processes. 

Reiki Sessions

The gifts I offer respect everyone’s truth and assist in transforming pain on any level with as much grace, joy and ease as possible. I aspire to do this with deep listening in this realm and beyond. 

Of all my modalities, Reiki is my greatest love! The most meaningful lesson I practice is to first tend to my own healing. In a session, I combine therapies to best fit the needs of my client.

Reiki Classes

I teach all levels of Reiki Classes, devoted to supporting each student’s profound growth. No experience is needed to start. I teach the traditional Usui Method entailing more in-depth energy-work with longer classes than most methods.

I offer custom playshops for requested purposes, from meditation to movement, creating what a group desires. Winter retreats for Reiki Students will be coming in Florida.

Books and Online Course

Both present healing arts by resourcing playful muses and creativity to choose from therapeutic fun activities. In the course, one gets to witness and share the synchronicity of magic that unfolds for them as well as others on this healing journey! There is a beautiful social community included with the course about thriving after childhood abuse.

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