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This is one of the best explorations of childhood trauma and its effect on a person's psyche that I have ever seen.  The author has done a wonderful job shedding light on this complex and difficult subject.  I am really inspired and impressed.  Using metaphorical characters, including faeries and woodland creatures, Cooper tells a story of abuse, personal healing, and then healing of an entire community from the trauma of sexual abuse, through open dialogue, creating safe spaces, creativity, connection with the earth, and many other real-life therapeutic techniques.  This book is a must read for survivors and practitioners alike, as well as anyone who is interested in helping others move forward from trauma.


Sarah Symons
Founder and Executive Director
MadeBySurvivors and Relevee




An Elf's Journey... Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse
An Elf's Journey

A gift for one's Inner Child healing for any abuse. Guidance to finding or strengthening your hidden treasures and genuineness. 

An Elf’s Journey is a tender story about an endearing elf, named Elf, who carried a heavy burden of shame that didn’t belong to her. As this precious elf’s buried memories and blocked emotions are stirred, she finds support from wise creatures in the fairy realm. Her enlightened Fairapist, Fae, encourages Elf to express her truth, recognize her gifts, and value her Wise Self. 


Along the way, Elf explores enchanted ways to liberate her Self, rescue her inner child, and find peace. The epic journey becomes rewarding as Elf embraces rousing understandings gleaned from learning to love and accept herself, which help her lighten up and enjoy more of life. Her unique insights enable her to empathize with other creatures she encounters in the fairy realm. They partake in great transformation on a mutual journey as they work and play together. 

The ending unfolds magical soulutions which opens hearts to become curious about possibilities to create change. The strength Elf found in her most vulnerable parts mirrors the creative genius powers inside the inner child of every survivor of sexual abuse. The journey creatively re-invents a better future for children. Imagine enlightened, caring people being inspired by this tale of the fairy realm and all of nature working together to make a change. What else could be possible in this reality?

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About the Cover Art

Bettina Madini is the artist who digitally painted the tree, the fairy, and the tiny elf in the pod on the left. She added to Katia's Process Art project (in the background) to relay the symbolic magic for the reader's eye. More Process Art will be shared on this site. If you enjoy art, watch for more to come!

Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause​
An Elf's Journey

​A fun and serious look at the biggest change in a woman's life through the eyes of 25 women who have lived the experience and share their wisdom and insight with women across the world.


The Menopause Mavens is a powerful group of women dedicated to two truths:

1. The more you know about perimenopause and menopause, the better your chance of finding your unique solution.

2. Together, women can not only survive menopause, but we can use the power of this sacred time in our lives to transform, find our purpose, and live our dreams.

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