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Book Fairies!!! For every 2 books purchased, get 1 FREE!  Click here to read about this entrancing story. Therapists recommend this book for Book Groups and for psych students studying trauma. Get a couple friends to split the cost and the savings!


Be a Book Fairy; share this book. What magic could result by creating a supportive enchanted book group? It's a gift for one's Inner Child healing for any trauma.


If you would like to buy just a single book, please order here. For shipping cost on orders over 7 books, or for wholesale pricing, please contact


Orders are shipped at 10 AM-CST on Wednesdays. You will receive an email when your books have shipped. 


If you'd consider future support in an online book group, please subscribe to my newsletter.

Create a Book Group with An Elf's Journey!

  • If you receive a damaged, defective, or an incorrectly shipped order, please reach out to our Book Fairy, Donna Faye at within 14 days of reciept. She will be delighted to resolve the matter!

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