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Reiki is what awakened me to my gifts and abilities to contribute to other's innate healing. Reiki (ray-key)... a natural healing art which consists of laying on of hands to link one to the energy of Reiki. The experience affects one’s entirety of mind, body, and spirit.  Reiki transforms the energy field surrounding a body.  A sensation of inner bliss and harmony, which begins to flow during treatment, accompanies working with this power.  Afterwards, there is a feeling of having experienced something especially beautiful.  Reiki vitalizes the body and soul and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Relief can be attained for all kinds of complaints.  Reiki promotes wholeness and helps prevent disease.

Most Reiki recipients relax very deeply during treatment.  On occasion, old and unresolved experiences may become conscious, again.  A needed release of emotion can occur.  It has also been known for strongly visual experiences to occur.  A series of treatments can bring about dissolving inner barriers, which block body, mind and spirit growth.

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Reiki I Class ~ No experience required
Reiki II ~ Contact Katia to schedule

In the intermediate class, students are taught sacred symbols for distance healing and for use during hands on healing. Reiki is strengthened by two additional attunements and considerable time is spent sending the healing symbols.  Reiki II is appropriate for students who have completed Reiki I and have made a commitment to continue their own healing as well as to adopt the values of  Reiki as a way of living.  Deeper inner awareness is prompted by this level. The additional training and attunements allow the Reiki II practitioner to perform not only hands on healing with a greater level of healing power, but also to perform distance healing on persons not in their presence. The cost for the advanced classes are discussed when a student completes Reiki I, if they are interested.

Reiki III ~ Mastery

The Reiki III student is initiated as a Reiki Master but may have not yet made the decision to teach Reiki to others.  This was a great connector to wholeness and true life fulfillment for me. During the one-day Reiki III class the student is taught the Reiki Master symbol for use in emergency healings and receives one additional attunement. This class is appropriate for students who wish to have their healing power strengthened and who have made a further commitment to personal growth, healing self and others.  The class involves meditations leading to self-discovery and other exercises to help the healer learn more about their self and in turn how to help others.  It expands consciousness for those that are moved to this depth of Reiki. A portion of the cost for Reiki III is repaid to Spirit in service to assist life.

Master/Teacher Class

In this advanced course the student is initiated as a Reiki Master and taught the master symbol much as in Reiki III.  In addition the Master Teacher student is taught the methods of giving attunements to students and passing on the traditions and values of Reiki.  Much time is spent preparing and learning the method and tools for the traditional way of teaching. The Master Teacher is someone who has made a strong commitment to Self, the higher power, and their Teacher to practice the principles of Reiki in daily life, to treat it as a sacred gift and to honor those before them who have dedicated their lives to the ethics and practice of Reiki.  The Teacher understands the need for continued personal healing and is committed to that practice and to teaching this gift of love to others in the way it was taught to them.

Katia Cooper

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