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About Katia

Katia is an author, a healing creatrix for survivors and the joy of movement playshops. She has always loved to commune with Nature Spirits! Her passion is to inspire others by supporting Self-discovery of inner gifts and the magic of nature. She specializes in assisting recovery from childhood trauma to re-creating a life of expanding awareness and joy. Her dream is coming to fruition by creating a fairy tale series, starting with An Elf's Journey. The book presents healing arts by resourcing playful muses and the reader's intuition to choose from therapeutic activities to witness the synchronicity of what unfolds for their expansion.


Katia has been a Reiki Master/Teacher and healing guide for over 20 years. Katia's education includes over 39 years of combined study at the Meditation Institute, Concept Therapy, A Course in Miracles, and The Light Body Course. She was also certified in Geotran (to transform energy fields), EFT, and as a Blue Belt Teacher in The Nia Technique--mindful movement for play and healing.  She has 10 years of personal experience and practice with Internal Family Systems. She is certified in teaching Laughter Yoga, and as a Practitioner for a few Access Consciousness Body Process Classes.  With curiosity, she is exploring what she can create to support group study of An Elf's Journey.

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